Our services

What we do

Our expert team specialises in projects including residential, commercial, educational, defence, health and industrial building projects. We provide professional support and well completed structural and civil design. We offer site inspections, assessment and provide construction of a dilapidation report.

Structural and Civil Engineering

We provide Structural and Civil engineering services including residential developments, commercial, educational, defence, health and industrial building projects . These are some areas in structural engineering we offer:

  • Deep and shallow foundations (both piled and non-piled).
  • Timber analysis and design.
  • Finite element modelling
  • Earthquake and advanced lateral analysis & design
  • Deep excavations
  • In ground retaining structures.
  • Precast concrete design.
  • Structural steel and aluminium analysis and design.
  • Reinforced concrete design & post tensioned
  • Slab on Ground
  • Concrete liquid retaining (post tensioned & reinforced concrete).
  • Back propping
  • Spreader design and analysis for temporary cranes and othe
  • Temporary support structures
  • Formwork design and inspections
  • Precast propping and early brace removal.